Tableau Public Goes Premium for Everyone; Expands Access to 10 Million Rows of Data

SEATTLE – Tableau today announced that it has opened up Tableau Public Premium features for all Tableau Public authors at no cost. Tableau Public is a free platform for sharing and discovering data stories on the Web. More than 100,000 people use Tableau Public, including journalists, students, scientists, data enthusiasts, and more.

With this announcement, Tableau Public users will have more features than ever to create and share data stories. Current Tableau Public Premium users will continue to receive the same features and service they are accustomed to, but at no cost. And people who use Tableau Public will now have access to these same, expanded features, including:

• Support for data sets of up to 10 million rows so that anyone can analyze nearly all publicly available datasets for free.
• An increased storage limit of 10 GB for everyone, so authors can create and store more information in Tableau Public.
• The ability to limit the downloading of files from Tableau Public, letting authors keep their workbooks proprietary.

“For people around the world, Tableau Public is the go-to place to create and share public data visualizations,” said Ben Jones, Director for Tableau Public. “Two years ago we expanded Tableau Public’s analytics capabilities from 100,000 rows to a million rows. We’re so excited to be expanding tenfold again, and we can’t wait to see the stories that people will tell and share.”

Tableau Public recently upgraded to version 9.0, bringing to authors a refreshed interface, faster performance, smarter maps, and new analytical functions. Read more about new features in Tableau Public 9.0 here.

Tableau Public consists of a free downloadable authoring tool to explore and visualize data, a cloud platform to host, share and embed interactive visualizations and a learning program that provides support and training to hundreds of thousands of data enthusiasts around the world.

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