CIO Straight Talk: Reinventing Your Business As a 21st CENTURY ENTERPRISE

As an IT Decision Maker, what comes to your mind when you speak of 21st Century Enterprise?

Experience Centric – The 21st century enterprise strives to offer a unified experience. Customers today have a distinct expectation of a consistently satisfactory experience end to end

Outcome Based – The 21st century enterprise applies technology to transform its business model and deliver ‘outcomes’ which cut across value chains

Agile and Lean – To ensure a swift response to changing market conditions a 21st century enterprise is “optimized” in size for fast paced manoeuvres

Service Oriented – Irrespective of the sector it operates, a 21st century enterprise will change its operating model and become technology agnostic

Ecosystem Driven – These are complex specialized networks wherein employees, suppliers, providers, freelancers, smart assets and consumers collaborate to extend the ecosystem beyond the enterprise.


Presenting to you our esteemed speaker, Mr. Anjani Kumar, CIO, SafeXpress in a discussion with Mr. Sreekumar, Associate Vice President, HCL on the 5 keytenets required to succeed in 21st century Enterprise.

  • Creating a secure, unified customer experience
  • Alignment of IT efforts to business outcomes
  • Orchestration of business processes and implementation of data security systems using “as a service” options
  • Operating Lean, while maintaining agility
  • Harnessing the power of the ecosystem to create exponential value for the customer

The webinar will include “security” as one of the several elements of the presentation.  Mr. Kumar will address questions from the audience at the end of the webinar.

Registration Details

Subject: “Reinventing Your Business As a 21st CENTURY ENTERPRISE
Date: 8th June, 2016 (Wednesday)
Time: 04:30 PM – 05:30 PM (IST)