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IBM has deployed Smart City solutions at Presidential Estate to make smart township

NEW DELHI: IBM has deployed Smart City solutions for the digital transformation of the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Spread across 330 acres of land and home to over 5000 residents, the Presidential Estate is adopting IBM’s technology and solutions to become future ready. The Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) addresses challenges that are inherent to townships – water supply, security, electrical infrastructure and solid waste management. T

IBM said that the transformation of the estate into a smart township is customized to further enhance the efficiency of critical infrastructure and utilities.

IBM said that its IOC helps collect and make sense of the rich data streaming in from several sources within the Estate to provide actionable insights. It offers integrated data visualization, near real-time collaboration and deep analytics to help enhance the ongoing efficiency that will improve the efficiency of services for its residents.

A Citizens Mobile App, created by IBM IOC, was also launched, which allows residents to report issues using the web and mobile. The data from reported observation will be supplied to city offices, where they can use the insights to make informed decisions.

“Rashtrapati Bhavan is an iconic representation of India’s Smart City vision. It is a proud moment for all of us and the beginning of a great journey. We are honored to be their partner in enabling this transformation.” said, Vanitha Narayanan, MD, IBM India.

As a part of this strategic engagement, IBM developed the vision and detailed roadmap for the transformation of the Presidents estate into a smart township.

The company has created the business architecture and operating procedures, implemented the technology platform and solutions, and is managing the entire technology deployment.

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