LDRA confers the importance of an embedded safety and security ecosystem

Bangalore: The focus of ESSS 2015 is to create an established ecosystem
for safety and security practices that will encourage world-class embedded designs,
originating from India, that fully comply with stringent industrial standards. The
summit is organized by LDRA Technology Pvt. Ltd., the primary leader in standards
compliance, automated software verification, source code analysis and test tools. It
will bring together industry leaders and like-minded partners to discuss and
exchange views on current and future issues, initiatives and trends in embedded

ESSS 2015 is supported by the aerospace industry body SIATI and the semiconductor
industry body IESA. Speakers from the automotive regulator ARAI Pune and defense
avionics regulator CEMILAC Bangalore will be a major attraction.

The embedded systems market in India has the potential to triple in size to about
$14.4 billion in 2015 from $4.95 billion in 2009 but there are some areas of concern
that have been restricting growth, such as the absence of mature electronic
prototyping and an electronic manufacturing ecosystem, restrictive hardware import
laws, inadequate infrastructure for testing and certifications and a shortage of
industry specific professionals. Speakers representing industries such as aerospace,
defense, automotive and embedded system security will be addressing the issues and
opportunities to successfully tap into the growing market.

Key speakers at ESSS 2015 include renowned industry leaders such as Mr. S Karthikeyan – Scientist ‘F’, Group Director (Systems), CEMILAC, India; Mr. Anand Deshpande – Deputy Director and Head of Automotive Electronics Department, ARAI, India; Mr. Sanjay Gupta – Research and Development Director, Freescale Semiconductor, India; Mr. Serge Plagnol – Senior FAE, Green Hills Software, France; Mr. Bill StClair – US Operations Director, LDRA,
USA; Dr. Mike Bartley – Founder & CEO, Test and Verification Solutions Ltd., UK; Mr.
Mark Richardson – Field Application Engineer, LDRA, UK; Mr. Pierre Vincent –
Technical Consultant, Esterel Technologies, France; Mr. Ian Hennell – Operations
Director, LDRA, UK; Mr. Venkat Rao Vesangi – Engineering Manager, Texas
Instruments, India; Mr. Suneel Santharam – Senior Product Consultant, IBM, India and
Mr. Murugan P Marudappan – Client Technical Professional, IBM, India.

Ian Hennell, Operations Director at LDRA, said, “A world-class embedded security and
safety system will enable Indian companies to recognize the importance of
certification as a critical factor for their corporate growth. The forum will offer
a compelling solution and understanding on the growth prospect of the embedded
safety and security systems in India.”

Together, industry partners:
IBM, National Instruments, Ansys Esterel, Texas Instruments, Green
Hills, MathWorks and Mentor Graphics have agreed on the value of ESSS to
support the Indian Government initiative “Make in India” to inspire world-class
Indian design and to promote the growth of the embedded industry. The summit
identifies the most contemporary issues on embedded system development and will
present the latest information and future trends from the international embedded

Shinto Joseph, Operations and Sales Director, LDRA India, added, “ESSS is part of a
larger industry initiative – CEDP (Certification Ecosystem Development Program) by
LDRA, which will be announced, together with our partners, in June 2015. ESSS 2015
is progressing in the right direction. We already have an impressive and growing
list of participants that further demonstrates the need and scope of an
international embedded system. The summit also includes an impressive list of
industry speakers together with top-class paper submissions which, in combination,
will present views on cutting-edge developments, ideas and trends at the highest

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