Josh Software sets up two firms in IoT and app development space


PUNE: Josh Software, a Pune-based company that builds innovative web applications, has set up two firms in the Internet of Things and app development space.

Josh is among the few companies in India that work exclusively in Ruby on Rails, an open source software which is the basis for apps such as Basecamp, GitHub, Shopify, Airbnb and Twitch.

The company’s IoT business, christened Simply Smart, will operate in the affordable smart homes space, while its app business, IdeoJosh Innovative Technologies, will soon launch its first product, an online polling app named Just Ask.

Gautam Rege, cofounder of Josh, said they were open to offering stakes in the new businesses to investors but will not dilute stake in the parent company.

“We are still in the beta stage of our proprietary product under IdeoJosh Innovative Technologies, which has been created with a thought to trigger anonymous views to seek clarity,” said Rege. “Backed by a statistical representation of the responses, this will help get honest and real data over ambiguous opinions.”

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