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TCS to train 100,000 employees in digital technologies

MUMBAI: Tata Consultancy Services, India’s largest IT services company, expects to train 100,000 employees in digital technologies as it gears up for fast growth in the space.

At the company’s twentieth annual general body meeting, CEO N Chandrasekaran said the company was backing its ‘digital is default’ strategy with a large investment in technology and training.

“We have built a number of digital cloud platforms and will have 100,000 employees trained in digital technologies this year,” Chandrasekaran said.

TCS has around 320,000 employees and has been running online training programs for digital skills, ET has previously reported.

TCSers underwent 2.59 million days of online training in technologies and domains, resulting in 72,000 new certifications, 400,000 courses completed and 120,000+ competencies acquired, in the last year.

Source: Times of India

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